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Once you submit tour booking form, your name will appear on the pending list of this tour. A deposit 50% of total tour cost is required to secure your booking before the booking deadline of each tour. A confirmation email will be sent to you upon receiving your deposit and your name will appear on the confirmed list of this tour. The balance payment is required before departure for your tour or upon your arrival date.


If you wish to make amendments to your tour arrangements, you must notify THE YAK TRAVELLER in writing. THE YAK TRAVELLER does not charge you administration fee for amendments. However, you have to pay for any increase in the price of tour services. Any requested amendment to tour arrangement is subject to availability and the agreement in writing of THE YAK TRAVELLER.


Notice of cancellation must be made in writing to THE YAK TRAVELLER. More than 30 days from departure date: cancellation fee of 10% of total price. 30 to 14 days from departure date: cancellation fee of 30% of total price. Less than 14 days from departure date: cancellation fee of 50% of total price. Other non-recoverable costs incurred (e.g. airline charges, Yangtze River Cruise) shall be borne by the participants.


All clients must be in possession of a valid passport and necessary visas or permits at the commencement of travel. All such documentation is the sole responsibility of the client. Your travel advisor may assist you in applying for the necessary travel documentation upon request. THE YAK TRAVELLER accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the failure of clients to obtain appropriate documentation.


Clients should take into account all international travel risks and familiarize themselves with health requirements applicable to the areas they intend to visit. The client is solely responsible for checking the safety and security conditions, vaccination, and other health requirements of governments in countries visited or transited. Travellers to Tibet shall state that he/she is fit to travel and his/her blood pressure and heart condition are normal. This is a necessary requirement because of the possible effects that the very high altitude may have on certain people.


THE YAK TRAVELLER tour packages include China Life Tourist Accident/Casualty Insurance up to a maximum of CNY200,000 provided free of charge as part of our package. We still highly recommend that you purchase full coverage travel insurance from you country of origin. Insurance provided by THE YAK TRAVELLER is not applicable where only hotels are booked through THE YAK TRAVELLER.


THE YAK TRAVELLER shall not be liable for any loss, injury, or damage to person or property, alteration of itineraries or cancellation in part or in full, caused by climatic conditions, sea fire, breakdown of machinery or equipment, acts of government or other authorities, wars whether or not declared, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, thefts, epidemics, quarantines, medical or customs regulations, terrorist activities, or any other actions, omissions or conditions beyond THE YAK TRAVELLER’s control.
THE YAK TRAVELLER is not responsible for the theft or lost of any customer’s valuables or items of personal property due to the negligence of the customer.
THE YAK TRAVELLER reserves the right to substitute hotels, flights, or cruise ships, to alter itineraries, or to cancel the tour prior to departure. If THE YAK TRAVELLER has cancelled any tour prior to the commencement of the tour, THE YAK TRAVELLER is liable for a full refund of the money received by THE YAK TRAVELLER.
Many of THE YAK TRAVELLER tour packages include activities which require care attention. Such activities include rock climbing, long distance trekking, and snow mountain climbing. You will receive help and advice from our representatives but all activities are undertaken at your own risk. THE YAK TRAVELLER cannot be responsible for any action or event that occurs after we have exercised our duty and taken the necessary care.
THE YAK TRAVELLER reserves the right to modify or rescind the terms and conditions in whole, or in part at any time with or without notice.

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