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We are a small group of travel-hungry yaks who, enthralled by the breathtaking landscape in western China, decided that we wanted to share the experience with others who are as excited about travelling as we are! Curious about the livelihood of less populated areas to China’s urban cities, we climbed mountains, lived in untapped villages, learned about minorities’ cultures and history, and met other travel fans on the road of our journey.

And so we formed the Yak Traveller Group (Lijiang Northwest of Yunnan International Travel Agency Group Sub Company), and building on our experiences, are continually putting together the best off-the-beaten-track cultural tours, and treks suited to a range of different travellers looking to get the most out of their trip.

We think that your travel companions are key to your adventure, and we understand that whilst it’s good to travel with friends or family, sometimes you have different ideas and expectations about what you want out of your vacation.

So we came up with the idea of an online blackboard where travellers can post their travel plans and meet others who have shared interests, to join them in exploring western China!

Liya, Dennis, Xia, and all the YAKTRAVELLER TEAM


Explore unconventional travel routes on our own and recommend the best journey for travellers

Provide up-to-date travel information for backpackers

Select routes showing the best scenery at the best time of the year

Offer personal service to help you plan your dream trip.


We strive to make each travel experience with THE YAK TRAVELLER unique and unforgettable by applying two principles:

1. To be a responsible trip-planner who cares, respects and preserves the environment, culture, history and local livelihood.

2. To be a reliable trip-adviser who helps travellers see what they want to see whilst discovering wonders of their own.

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